3 Types of Protein For Women

For ladies that are looking to gain weight and muscle finding the right protein powder for women is a big step in making sure you are getting the right balance and nutritional needs in your diet, and sufficient protein intake to gain weight and build lean muscle.

It’s funny how times change. Years ago many women would shirk at the idea of using a protein powder, but nowadays they are seen as an important part of many diets and exercise routines.

Supplement companies have cottoned on and begun to make protein powders specially designed for women. Now, in many cases women can take a “normal” protein powder since protein itself is a food, so there is no discrimination between men and women. Most major protein powders these days carry differing serving suggestions for men and women anyway, since the desired protein intake and requirements are different.

However, the protein powders made for women do contain extra ingredients such as Iron, Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid – nutrients that many women tend to fall short in, as well as less sugar and lower carbohydrate quantities.

Below are the main 3 types of protein powder for women, to help you choose which one is right for you. As a recommendation, I would try to opt for a protein powder that is derived from a protein isolate instead of a concentrate. There is not a huge difference between the two but the isolate tends to be a purer form of the protein and so is less likely to have additives and more likely to give you better bang for your buck.

Whey Protein
This is the classic protein used by men and women alike. It is great at helping your muscles repair themselves, which makes it a top choice as a post-workout protein shake.

It is easily digested and the highest quality form of protein on the market, as well as giving an extra dose of calcium which is a bonus. However, since it is derived from milk it may not be appropriate for vegetarians, and it does contain some lactose, not much but it’s there.

Soy Protein
This is a great protein and popular among vegetarians or the lactose-intolerant. It is a low-GI protein and fat-free which means it is great for using to lose excess body fat and get toned. They also contain plenty of iron, which many women fall short of.

Since soy is a plant protein it is still considered an “incomplete” protein when compared with an animal protein like whey. It’s pretty close, but this along with many recent studies into the sometimes negative effects of a high-soy diet may put some women off.

Egg Protein
Egg proteins are a balanced protein that is a good source of amino acids. They are also a good choice for women who are lactose intolerant.

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